The Aviary is an in-game shop in Endless Doves that allows players to unlock birds and other flying creatures with a doves currency. It can be accessed from the game's menu and also from the game over screen, (underneath the settings cog).


When the Aviary is opened, each creature is displayed against the background of a cage. Creatures that have not been unlocked are shown as a silhouette with a number indicating the number of doves required to unlock it. The name of the entity appears above its picture or shadow, and displays four question marks if locked. A larger rectangular button below the silhouette allows the player to unlock the creature of their choice, provided they have collected the minimum amount of doves. An arrow key on either side of this button lets the player scroll through the options.

The button on the farthest bottom left brings the player back to the title screen, while a smaller module to the far bottom right displays the total number of accumulated doves.


Players are signalled by a musical note in a speech bubble within the Aviary icon when they have reached the minimum number of doves to purchase a new creature. Upon visiting the shop, all affordable identities will have an "Unlock" button under their price. Entities that cost more than what the player currently has will display a lock underneath their picture.

By pressing "Unlock", the selected creature's picture and name are immediately shown. The creature is also automatically chosen, and if the Aviary is exited at this point, the latest purchased item becomes the new pickup within the game. Doves used to purchase an item are subtracted from the total amount the player currently holds.


Each flying creature has an image of it in the Aviary, and when appearing in-game has a unique sound effect for being collected and a custom sprite.

Purchasable items in the Aviary

20 doves


50 doves


200 doves


Purchasable items in the Aviary
Doves required Creature unlocked






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